The copyright of all the photographs and articles shown in this website belong to Juan Jose Perez Torres and are protected by the relevant international laws. The use of any photograph or text is strictly prohibited, in any way or with any object, total or partially, without the written permission of the author.

   The assignment of the rights of reproduction is subject to a use rate. The prices are fixed depending on the use of the images. If you wish, you can ask for a no obligation estimate. The assignment of the rights of reproduction is not exclusive (the same image can be used by different clients) and for only one use. However, due to  temporary or partial commitments of exclusivity acquired by other clients, a use of the images may not be available (normally this is indicated in the image caption). Therefore the extension of the rights of reproduction are subject to prior review in all cases.

  The use of images on social networks on the Internet is strictly prohibited; the samples in layouts are exempted from this requirement.

  The images will be delivered to the client in a digital format. Until the payment corresponding to the rights of reprodution is made, the images will be considered in deposit for evaluation. Therefore, the client will acquire the rights of reprodution of the graphic material only when the payment metioned in the corresponding invoice is made. Under no circumstance the client is allowed to make any concession to third parties.

  The publication of the images implies the mention of the name of the author (Juan Jose Perez Torres, or J. J. Perez Torres) in the image caption or in the photography credits. A minimum of one copy of the published work must be sent to the author if the medium where the images are published permits it.

  The non-acceptance of these conditions by the client implies the denial of use of the images for publication.

  Username and password are only required to download images. They are not created by the client and are provided after the order is placed.